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All about canapes (pronounced “can-a-PAY”) is word French which means “sofa” a nod to the toppings which “sit” on top of a piece of bread.

Canapes were served on stale bread a few years back and now it has grown into a wider term for finger food.

Different names for small bites

Now you are wondering what is the differences between canapé and Hors d’oeuvre? Canapés are a type of Hors d’oeuvre. In French it means “outside of work” or a snack outside of the main meal. Canapé is a based top with something.

And you might be asking about Appetizers! It’s now part of the meal and became very popular but generally consumed sitting at the table as part of the main event.

What about Amuse Bouche?? (mouth amuse). Well it is a single, bite sized Hors d’oeuvre. It’s different as its usually served free at the restaurant.

Where to find canapes?

Additionally, a broad variety of canapé selection is provided by a lot of local supermarkets and made depending on the season.

It’s always best to make a canapé of your own, and not just open a bag of chips, isn’t it?!

Canapés are quickly becoming a “centerpiece” offering a range of colourful and fun bites that will please family or clients!

Moreover, canapes can be served in corporate events or wedding and even at home!

You might be wondering, but why it is always salty or spicy and served during cocktail hours? well, simply to encourage people to drink more!

How to serve canapes?

Besides, canapé can be hot meats, hot or cold fish or shellfish, hot & cold vegetarian, cold meats and even sweet items! And There is no rule that canapés cannot have more than one topping. Neatness and ease of eating are paramount.

But not just for business but also to make something special for your family and choosing the best canapés is a perfect way to please all your guests.

And the best in choosing is not going for any love-hate ingredients but if you choose something that most people do not like, you might end up with a load of waste at the end. 

Lastly, A little tip is to have a dessert canapé because most people likes a sweet treat! Make sure to satisfy them with a dessert canapé option. And what more? Cheese and red onion jam as a perfect addition to your canapés! You can never go wrong with cheese!

Let us help you make exceptional treats and of skills!

So, we are sure your next canapé and cocktail party will be a success!

We hope we sorted all that out for you!

Want to make an assortment of canapés? 
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