How to handle stress during the pandemic?

With Covid19, we have never faced uncertainty and challenges before; it is completely natural to feel stress during the pandemic. It’s a normal reaction to difficult events or circumstances. Some stress is normal and it is no regarded as depression or anxiety.

Although you do not do anything about it, severe and ongoing stress can be a risk to your mental health. It should be a priority to manage your level of stress during the pandemic as it can be a risk to your mental health.



Importance of Christmas Family Traditions.

Spending Christmas is a tradition in the family nowadays. The gifts is just a bonus. Eating together from breakfast to dinner! Isnt it funny how holidays are surrounded by food?! Who doesn’t love that?

“A strong emotional bond is shared by the family that spend time together”

Every family creates and have their own Christmas holiday tradition. Can you tell what’s yours? If you don’t better start now! Everyone is looking forward to doing few things that make the day special that brings excitement and joy for everyone!


Lakefield won the PACE Innovative Practices in Creating School Partnerships Award


Lakefield won the PACE Innovative Practices in Creating School Partnerships Award


Last 3rd of May 2017, Lakefield Hospitality College was awarded for the ‘Innovative Practices in Creating School Partnerships sponsored by Hobart Cooking Solutions at the PACE Awards 2017 held at the Liverpool Hilton Hotel.

The team attended the PACE National Conference which is about introducing programmes and success planning. The team divided up to listen to different workshops including Breaking Into HE To Broaden Your Horizons by Niel Rippington, Dean of the College Food, University of Birmingham. Paul Askew, Chef Patron and Steven Hesketh, Managing Director of the Know Collection gave a wonderful session about Future Labour And Desire Skills.

The Conference was followed by Awards and a Gala dinner to acknowledge individuals, departments, schools, colleges and partnerships that have introduced outstanding learning initiatives or techniques in hospitality training and development over the last 12 months. The dinner was presented by Cyrus Todiwala, OBE on Zest Quest Asia.

Thank you to Sue Kenyan, PACE Director and to PACE for believing and for giving us the opportunity to excel in what we do. Frankie said “this award means a lot for Lakefield as we’ve worked hard in partnerships with school this year. It’s all been worth it!”

Lakefield Hospitality College is owned by an Educational Charity, we are therefore non- profit making and rely on independent grants and on the support of our sponsors. Lakefield is unique because we offer our students real work experience and we focus on developing the whole person and their employability skills.

About the Award

Innovative Practices in Creating School Partnerships

This award is looking for examples where colleges/training providers have linked successfully with schools in order to provide a rich and rewarding experience for potential hospitality students from high schools and sixth form colleges. The project should demonstrate a diverse range of realistic activities and excellent progression rates onto hospitality study programmes.


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