Join Our Hospitality Activity Day for Schools and

Gain an insight into the real world of Hospitality
and get a flavour of what this industry is all about.


Subject area:

Hospitality, Professional Cookery, Work-Based​ Learning


Fridays during term time. Specific dates can be negotiated between Lakefield and the school.


1-day activity


Lakefield Certificate of Completion for Hospitality Activity Day


The hospitality activity for school students is a day out for your Food Technology/Hospitality/Catering students to gain an insight into the real world of Hospitality. Is an opportunity for you to operate on a commercial basis using an industrial kitchen.

Your students will have the opportunity in the Activity day for Hospitality to some benefits including:

Culinary skills

  • Piping, modelling, embossing techniques.
  • Taste and smell unusual ingredients and become familiar with them.

Other Skills

  • Opportunities for teamwork.
  • Open horizons to the broad expanse of jobs available in the Hospitality industry.
  • The importance of eating as a social event and Etiquette as a future chef



• 9.30 am: Registration

• 10.00 am: Introduction to Hospitality

• 10.30 am: Begin carousel of workshops on:

Cake decoration – Learn different icing techniques to decorate your own cake and take it home.

Silver Service – Learn a method of English food service that is typically used in five star hotels. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Tasting Experiment – How good is your sense of smell and taste?

Bed Challenge – Are you competent at making up a bed with clean linen and just how quickly can you do it?
(Each group has 30 mins for each activity)

• 12.30 am: Lunch

• 1.15 pm: Evaluations and prize giving

• 2.00 pm: End/p>

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Who Can

Are you a girl 14-18 y/o that loves cooking?

When you cook do you add your own flair to a classic dish or go creative and create a new one?

If so this program will be perfect for you. Join our Hospitality Activity Days


There is no Assessment for this school activity.


We charge £2/head for ingredients.
Each pupil needs to bring a packed lunch, to wear flat, comfortable non-slip shoes and trousers. You will be given a chef’s jacket and apron to wear for the class.

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    Progression route &
    Links with the industry

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    " My study programme developed around Hospitality Services Level 2. Now I'm working as hotel room service at the ​hotel of Ritz London!"