Latest Information about COVID-19 in Lakefield Hospitality College


Information for parents

Throughout the summer, Lakefield Hospitality College has been putting measures in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and we are now ready to welcome both residential and day students on site and to give them the reassurance they need for when they begin their course next week. The College is open and operating a bubble system to try and limit the spread of COVID-19 while still providing an excellent educational learner experience. Bubbles have been created to effectively manage social distancing and to support the government issued guidelines. We are also providing multiple hand sanitisation sites across each floor and have issued guidance to students regarding hygiene. All students will take part in a Covid-19 induction on the first morning of term.

Day students have a separate area for changing and storing items and are not allowed to go into the residential area for any social reasons to ensure cross-contamination is kept to a minimum.

Social distancing has been put in place and classes are small to accommodate the space needed for each student

No external professional visits have been planned for the first term to ensure we keep each student as safe as possible during this uncertain time. We will however be having virtual zoom visits and CPD sessions with industry professionals.

As mentioned above, ALL students will attend COVID-19 induction training to learn about

  • Procedures for entering the building
  • The importance of handwashing
  • Social distancing
  • Infectious diseases and the prevention of spreading them
  • Wellbeing and mental health during this uncertain time.



Q. I would like to know how my daughter will learn this year

The course you daughter will be doing is a vocational program. A blended learning approach has been developed to ensure your daughter has both the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in her future career.

The mornings are dedicated to practical inter-departmental training and assessment when your daughter is ready to begin.

The afternoons are dedicated to a mixture of theory and practical workshops depending on the modules your daughter is currently doing. She will also have the opportunity to meet with assessors once a week for formal feedback and planning of work that needs to be completed for the following week.

She will have exams scheduled throughout the year, these are planned after the completion of each unit so that your daughter is not overwhelmed with multiple exams on block days.

Q. What happens if my daughter has to self-isolate or the city goes into lockdown and she needs to come home?

We are assessing the pandemic on a daily basis and following government regulations. As it stands students will continue to be allowed to come on site for full time education. Government regulations are that under 18’s should be taught at the college unless of course they are isolating.

If for any reason she is not able to come on site, we have an on-line teaching system in place to ensure she is able to attend classes (both in the departments and classrooms) for live sessions. For those students who are cooking, required ingredients will need to be purchased for home cooking. We are trying to ensure that all resources are available onsite for your convenience.

If there are any exams that need to be completed, we have an online invigilated system so no student falls behind.

Q. What support will be available for my daughter and her mental wellbeing

Each student has been assigned her own personal tutor who will meet with her once a month to help her develop both her soft skills and ensure she has the support she needs during the year. Frankie Strinati is the member of staff responsible for residential students and will be the main contact for parents if we are concerned about anything.

Kristen Henderson is the member of staff responsible for monitoring student progress and completing termly student reports. Kristen and Frankie work closely together to ensure that parents are kept in the loop about any concerns, especially when students may be studying at home.

We have a residential doctor who works closely with us to ensure that all students have support.

We are developing resources to teach all students how to study independently online in the event a lockdown does happen and we need to go fully online. This is ongoing as this is a new experience for all and learner needs change.