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David Mulcahy awarded Craft Guild of Chefs Order of Merit


Lakefield’s Patron David Mulcahy awarded Craft Guild of Chefs Order of Merit


David Mulcahy, one of Lakefield’s Patrons has been awarded  an Order of Merit by the Craft Guild of Chefs on its 50th Anniversary last week, the highest award given by the Vice Presidents’ Council for meritorious outstanding service in furthering the aims and objectives of the Craft Guild of Chefs over the past 20 years.

Sodexo Culinary Director David Mulcahy has been supporting Lakefield for more than 5 years. He has helped Lakefield in organising placements for our students, giving cookery demonstrations, judging our WOW Cake Competitions and enabled our students to work with famous chefs in events such as the  International Food Exhibition, National Chefs of the year and helping chefs at Royal ASCOT.

Isa said ” It was really a great experience to work with David, I’ve seen passion and professionalism which inspire me to do my best and to succeed in everything I will do in the future”    Isa was the one who worked with him on our Patrons Dinner last March.

Mulcahy said: “It’s very humbling to be recognised in this way. My focus has always been on challenging chefs to produce their best and I’m lucky to be in an industry with so many talented and passionate people. (Source: Craft Guild of Chefs)

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