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A Glass with a twist! The craft of cocktail might be a weird place yet that is the fun part! After all, the art of cocktail is a mixture of art and science, still, it is fun to make cocktails, right?!

Study cocktail and from there learn and experience it. Or just simply go to a bar, order, see and ask how its done!

Yes, the term can be very confusing – to beginners and even to veterans. Here, we are going to talk about how you too can learn and speak cocktail.

Is it cocktail or mixed drink?

It’s quite clear that every drink that you mix up in the bar is a mixed drink. These words are commonly interchanged but in reality its different. It is a glass with a twist as you are giving life to the drink that you are making!

  • A mixed drink means a beverage that combines one or more  ingredients
  • Cocktail is a drink that is traditionally known as a combination of bitters, liquors, sweetener and ice.

To sum it up, a cocktail is a mixed drink but a mixed drink may not always be considered a cocktail.

What are Cocktails? A glass with a twist!

As most of us know, it is a type of mixed drink, usually containing one or a combination of alcoholic spirits or liqueur and may contain juicers, soda or other flavourings or colourants. Additionally, cocktails are garnished or decorated with edible or non-edible items like straws and fruits that is why its called “A glass with a twist”.

Speak Cocktail

Every drinks are different and people make it in different ways . If you are looking for the taste of gin or whiskey you might want what its called “spirit-forward” cocktail. Though, it is probably safer to still order gin and tonic, isn’t it?

  • When you say serve “up” it means that it will not have any ice
  • If it is “on the rocks”, meaning that it is served on ice
  • crushed” ice or in a tall “cooler style” glass it means it taste less of the alcohol.

A glass with a twist – Mixing Great drinks

Learn how to make cocktail whether you are at home or pro, then a course in food and beverage or a bartending is just what you need. Surely, you can find excitement in cooking however it is also in shaking and experimenting different flavours.

Making cocktail is an accomplishment to be proud of and a skill set that can be shared.

Learning these skills can be fun!

Get out there

There might never been a better time to be a cocktail lover!

There are more opportunities to enjoy a craft of cocktail and there is a lot of learning curve to go into the wide world of mixed drinks.  Now cocktails are being on trend. There has been a lot of “instagrammable” drinks going around the social media, with colourful drinks, beautiful garnishes, and fancy glasses.

Lastly, don’t keep it to yourself, invite some friends as well as enjoying the process.


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