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How We Work

We shape you into your dreams
by ensuring you both employability & life skills set.

Have access to London’s best work placements.

As you near the end of your studies, we help you search for a job, boosting your CV and putting you in contact with local employers with whom we have built strong partnerships. Our strong partnerships and programmes have opened doors to work placements and careers in places such as:

Harrods | London Marriott Hotel | The Ritz London | House of Commons in Westminster Palace | The Dorchester


Success and go far with our tailored education.

Our small class sizes ensure we are fully dedicated to each student’s success, helping you to develop a tailored pathway and success to your destination. We want to meet individual needs and abilities to empower you in what you really are, offering a ‘golden’ education. Our dedication to offering our students a transformational education has led to our being an awarded college that excels both at delivering excellence in education.

Feel supported with our tutoring programme.

As a student, you will have a dedicated 1-to-1 tutoring scheme throughout your training which supports and strengthens you, contributing to your well-being, resilience and personal growth. We focus on the person as a whole, developing not only professional but also personal and social skills, which are much requested by the leading members of the Hospitality Industry. During your regular meeting with your mentor, you will walk through​ advise and guidance about employment and apprenticeship opportunities, continuing on in further or higher education.


Enjoy our practice learning environment.

Practice-based learning is a fundamental part of every student’s formal education. It's when you apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired during your lessons. While being trained and obtaining qualifications, you gain the real-world experience needed to become safe and effective practitioners. Moreover, during your studies, you will have the opportunity to complete two work experience placements in prestigious restaurants or hotels.

Get the most out of the insights during CPD sessions.

Our CPD Programme – Continuing Professional Development will be an excellent opportunity to meet people and staff from prestigious work placements in London; also a chance to ask them burning questions about their job and have the opportunity to explain to them what you would like to become during your career and receive their feedback and reactions. It is an important occasion also to start building your network and why not get your CV reviewed from them.


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