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Our Patrons and Trustees

We are extremely proud of having
the following Lakefield patrons supporting us.

We believe that you will be better connected to the world of work than anywhere else. This is why we have enlisted the support of College Patrons and Trustees, visiting speakers and experts, who are all on hand to connect you to your future and help you make it happen.

David Foskett_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Prof. David Foskett

Previous Dean Of Hospitality And Tourism . University Of West London

Now Professor Emeritus and Founder of David Foskett Associates, Hospitality Consultancy, Hospitality educator and course author. “Lakefield is a gem, a place of unique excellence.”

Vita Whitcom

Vita Whitaker

Ceo Whitco

Whitco's CEO and Commercial Director

David Mulcahy_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

David Mulcahy

Culinary Director At Sodexo. VP Of Craft Guild Chefs

“I’ve been involved with Lakefield for nearly 20 years now. What strikes me is the way they teach, their philosophy, the way they value people, we should see more of it. I love Lakefield and the people that come from it.”

Enzo Oliveri_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Enzo Olivieri

Managing Director Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

Managing Director Tasting Sicily Enzo’s kitchen. During an event, he said: “I am honoured to be a patron of Lakefield and to collaborate with them.”

Omero Gallucci_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Omero Gallucci

Culinary Consultant

One of the businesses most talented, renowned and dedicated Chefs. In a career where he has developed and inspired thousands of Chefs, he is now able to share his love of cooking. “I support Lakefield as a centre for excellence they are turning out some of the best young chefs in the country today.”

Will Torrent_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Will Torrent

Pastry Chef Consultant To Waitrose

Trained under Heston Blumenthal, won Young Chef of the Year in 2009 and known for his TV appearances and profiles by the British press. “It’s not just about the training it’s about the whole life training, they set their students apart from anyone else because of what else they give them.”

Mark Hill_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Mark Hill

Executive Head Chef At The House Of Commons

Executive chef at the House of Commons since 2008, where he is in charge of 15 food outlets, with more than 130 staff. Member of the England Culinary Team, who competed in Luxembourg at the Culinary World Cup in 2010. “The girls work really hard front and back of the house and they produce outstanding events”

Bryan Sanderson_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Bryan K. Sanderson

Chair At The Low Pay Commission, Director Of Quadrise Fuels International Plc

Chairman of the Low Pay Commission, of the Home Renaissance Foundation and director of One World Entertainment and TX2. “There is an overall impression created of an Institution which delivers in everything it does. Your report was most encouraging and you and your staff deserve great credit for your undoubted success.”

Maria Jose Sevilla_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Maria Jose Sevilla

Food Expert

Cook, writer and broadcaster who has been at the centre of the discovery of Spanish cuisine by chefs and food writers throughout the world. María José Sevilla recently appears in a feature profiling the most influential women in the Spanish wine industry.

Diego Masciaga_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Diego Masciaga

Customer Experience Consultant

With a career spanning 40 years in hospitality around the world, 30 years managing a 3* Michelin restaurant and hotel, Diego is a mentor in providing leadership consultancy to Hospitality businesses. “Proud of this very special place. Students are splendid and show great passion, all with a wonderful smile.”

Janet Rowson_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Janet Rowson

Head Of Degree Apprenticeships At University Of West London

Leading the way at UWL on the new higher and degree apprenticeships -passionate about these great products that allow apprentices to “earn and learn” the modern way. “I cannot believe the students could outdo the previous year but they did!”

Anne Davies

Hospitality Consultant

Maureen Barnes_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Maureen Barnes

Art Of Home Making Trustee

Highly experienced conference centre manager, Catering College principal for 10 years responsible for all training, the scheme of work, examinations and staff professional development. “The girls are very professional in so many ways – it’s impressive.”

Neil Roseweir_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Neil Roseweir

Falcon Development Chef

One of the best known and liked chefs in foodservice. Graduated from catering college in Glasgow in 1963, he cut his teeth in kitchens across the industry, from hotels, restaurants and industrial catering to airline catering and bulk food production. “I think of the college and all the students I have known often. Such a pleasant memories!”

Pam Rabone_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Pam Rabone

Educational Consultant At Inskill Consultancy Ltd

Trained EFQM assessor and a trainer for Hospitality Assured both of these links into skills and knowledge of business systems and quality assurance. She edited vocational textbooks and helped in the development of qualifications and related assessment tools.

Josefina Beltran_Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Josefina Beltran

Managing Director At DELMARA Ltd

Experienced Business Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Strong business development professional is skilled in Negotiation, Human Resources, Talent Management, English, and Mentoring.

Giovanni Fontebasso _Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

Giovanni Fontebasso

Trustee Of The Craft Guild Of Chefs

Senior Trustee of the Craft Guild of Chefs and visiting professor for demonstrations. “I’m impressed by the caring attitude and the level of skills imparted by the Staff. For me now the idea of belonging is an essential part of being “PATRON” and that is what gives me the feeling of Family”

MaryJo Hoyne _Patron_Lakefield Hospitality College

MaryJo Hoyne

International Project Consultant

Extensive experience of the vocational education at David Foskett Associates, achieving excellence when meeting employer demand through bespoke staff learning solutions. “The school is truly amazing a hidden gem”

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