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We are a college where curiosity prevails, and where exploring new ways of thinking and pushing boundaries, isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. We are committed to two things: excellence in teaching and excellence in making ready for the job market.

Kristen Henderson

Director of Lakefield Hospitality College

“Part of the Internal Quality Assurance team, designing and implementing effective learning programs for both staff and students. Winner of Presidents Award by Her Royal Princess Anne.“

Lisa Clapham

Director Advisor Lakefield Hospitality College

“Director of Lakefield since 2010 and part of the Internal Quality Assurance team, ensuring the inter-departmental training is up to standard with the Hospitality Industry.”

Marta Matias

Head Of Digital Marketing

“Head of Digital Marketing, highly experienced in Digital Strategy, B2B Strategy acquisition and Strategic Digital Campaigns. Marta has published many books and papers related to Digital Transformation.”

Alvaro Garcia

Digital Media and Content Specialist

"Photographer and videographer, boasting over a decade of specialized experience in the hospitality industry. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of culinary and hospitality moments.

April Poblete

Hospitality Course Leader

"Distinguished Hospitality lecturer and a qualified assessor with a profound dedication to teaching. Her dual expertise in both hospitality arts and assessment ensures that students receive a holistic education, grounded in both theory and practice."

Almudena Prada

Chef Lecturer

“Seasoned chef and dedicated lecturer, specializing in NVQ Level 2 culinary instruction. With a passion for the art of cooking and a commitment to educating the next generation of chefs.”

Doris Morales

Head Chef, Chef Lecturer & NVQ Assessor

“Protege of Anton Mossiman, highly skilled Head Chef specialising in Patisserie. Responsible for training the future generation of young female chefs for the Hospitality Industry.”

Clare Weston

Chef Lecturer & NVQ Assessor

“Chef lecturer and qualified assessor with over 30 years experience teaching in professional kitchens both abroad and in the United Kingdom.”

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