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Time flies so quickly! Another tasty year 2020/2021. One experience, a lifetime of memories! New adventures for all Lakefield students. Recently, we held the annual formal dinner of Netherhall with our new team.

What is Netherhall?

Netherhall is a hall of residence where we cater for over 70 people.

On the 2nd of October, our students experienced Netherhall Catering Company’s tradition which is the Formal Dinner.

What is a Formal Dinner?

Formal dinner is an event where we do high quality service for our customers and they wear a formal evening attire.

The formal dinner happens three times a year, during the beginning of term, Christmas holidays and the end of term.

Our Hospitality service and Professional Cookery course students provide the food and the service as part of their training.

What formal dinner differentiate from all other dinners? Well, it is seating protocols of the guests and the seating arrangement.

One experience, a Lifetime of memories for our students

Lakefield provided a high-quality food from starter to dessert, canapes and drinks and even preparing an exceptional event and service.

It is amazing to see the performance of each student who just started their training in Lakefield.

It is true that it is quite challenging to work with young girls with limited skills but that did not stop them from showing off their skills.

The students had one week to prepare and to experiment with their menus.

The Professional cookery team were divided into 3 sections and in pairs (starter, main course and dessert).

Whereas the Food and Beverages students undertook the decoration of the dining room, table setting, napkin folding, drinks and canapes!

In demand skills experience

First is working as a team. For Lakefield teamwork is everything to achieve our goal in an effective way.

Wherever you go, whichever company or industry you are in, you will always have to work in a team and that is an important skill that young people should experience and learn.

Teamwork helped our students to contribute different ways of thinking, and the unity between them showed creative and productive results.

Secondly, “a real job work experience in a real job world”!

Lakefield students encountered professional experiences during their training that helped them get out of their comfort zone. They had a taste of what they learned in class and deliver it realistically.

Also, allowing them to be creative at work helped them to think critically and provide meaningful results.

Not just for our students but also for all the tutors and staff that was involved in the event. Truly, one experience, a lifetime of memories!

Here are some exquisite dishes from our Level 2 Professional Cookery and Level 3 Patisserie and Confectionary students!

From our Level 2 Hospitality services and Level 3 Supervision and Leadership students

Lastly, an unforgettable experience for each and everyone at Lakefield!

A lot of values, skills, determination and understanding to deliver and get a positive outcome was all because of our hard work!

Not mentioning that it was the first week of term, everything was new, and we already build trust and friendship in such a short period of time. Isn’t it incredible?

Funny that even behind the mask you can still see all the emotions that is going through the faces of everybody! 😊

Until the next formal dinner!
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