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Pastry Courses in London

Baking and Pastry Training in London

Pastry Courses may vary from NVQ Diplomas, short baking courses or even go into a higher education. London has a wide range of learning opportunities whether you are a beginner or experienced in the role of Pastry chef. Having the theory and the practical side when learning is an important factor for you future career.

Nowadays, Pastry and pastry chefs are changing the world of the food industry. They say that “it is about the creativity and how you will make it sweeter for people”.

Bakery Apprentice Course

There is a lot of  Patisserie and Confectionery course in the UK. There are different types ways to pursue your career in this sector. Here are some options to choose to progress with your career!


(National vocational qualification)

You can choose different levels for NVQ depending on your experience. Level 1, 2 and 3 are the most common one. NVQ can help you gain a lot of practical skills and can lead you to enter the university.

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Apprenticeships gives you the opportunity to be in your chosen career  and the company supports you by providing a training. It is similar to NVQ.


If you want to get into higher education and gain more theory and build  in your career path, then applying for university can be an option for you.

“Make people happy… and do it with food”  

-Ruth Hansom

There are a lot of benefit in doing apprentice or NVQ courses. Gaining a lot of hands on experience inside the kitchen is a big advantage when applying for a full time job. It can be in a hotel or any bakery shop in London. There are also some of the best baking classes London has to offer such as baking, cake decorating and just about everything in between. 

Useful Information

Where can I get more advice?

Open day: Find out more about a course in your chosen college or university
Can use  online platforms to get an experience. Also, it can give you information about other students opinions.
They can help you any school concerns and can get you in touch with people in the industry. 
This can give you information about entering and getting to a higher education such as university.
Job profiles
 Search “job profiles” to find out qualifications that is needed for your career


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