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What do you do in Catering and Hospitality College

When you are looking for a Hospitality College to start your career, there is a lot of question about “What do you do in hospitality and catering vocational?” .Here we can provide some information for you about what we do and give a sneak peek of student life in Lakefield.

What practicals of hospitality and catering

There are positives and negatives in choosing to be in the Hospitality Industry but it is like any other industries. Although you can sometimes be in your job for long hours or work weekends, all the skills you develop can be transferable and be used in your job anywhere you go as it is flexible

Hospitality jobs in London

There are a lot of hospitality jobs in London. Here are the few roles you can find:

  • Accounting
  • Hotel Operations
  • Customer service
  • Events
  • Marketing and sales
  • Human Resource
  • Chef roles

Training and Development in the Hospitality Industry

There are methods on how you get in the hospitality industry and work your way up. Qualifications are essential to have a strong foundation and build up your career in a Hospitality College.

Types of qualifications you can study in a Hospitality College:

Job requirements within the hospitality & catering industry

Each company are different, but being in the Hospitality industry, you can always learn new skills. Learn how to be a good team player, always eager to learn, have good communication skills and be flexible.

Where can you study Hospitality Industry?

Lakefield College is unique within the Hospitality Industry.

Lakefield College can prepare you for your future career progression, if you want to pursue your career in hospitality.

Lakefield is a school for young women. Nowadays, more female are going up the role of management and we want to continue to empower young women to develop their skills in the industry.

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